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Lose Belly Fast With These Proven Methods In 7 Days

To get rid of the belly fat you need to start consuming foods and fats that have been proven to give you a flat stomach! Now, I can tell you that you are going to be surprised at some of the foods I recommend on the list,but believe me when I say they will  contribute to you getting a flat and toned stomach; foods which were once seen as fattening are now being hailed as essential to weight loss; Yes, you can consume lean proteins, good carbs, healthy fats, Dairy, spices and even chocolate!

Let's start with Protein
The Best Fat Burner to Lose Belly Fat
Any Meat - Any Fish - Prawns - Crab - Lobster - Poultry
Pulses - Eggs - Bacon - Beef Burgers and Chicken Burgers
It has been found that the consumption of protein with a small amount of good carboydrates produces fast weight loss. The reason for this increase in losing weight is due to the fact that protein helps to curb your appetite so that you eat less, and does not spike blood sugar levels, which means that you do not release too much of the fat hormone insulin, which retains fat on the body particularly around the belly area.
Therefore in order to lose belly fat through eating protein you will need to consume an optimal amount of lean protein whilst simultaneously decreasing the amount of carbohydrate consumption.
To make the change to  the content of your meals I recommend that you try and ensure that each meal contains at least 40% protein.
When preparing protein use baking, grilling and steaming as cooking methods. Avoid frying. When consuming poultry always remove the skin, and cut off any fatty pieces on meats before eating.
I use copious amounts of herbs and spices to give my protein flavor. They add to your meal and will make it more palatable and enjoyable.

Next, You Should Eat Good Carbs
In conjunction with consuming lean proteins you should add good carbohydrates in your quest to lose belly fat.
You will have noted that I said 'good carbs', that is because 'bad carbs' such as white products that include sugar,salt, flour, and products made from these ingredients put on weight because they quickly raise blood sugar levels, which then produces a large release of insulin, which as you know is the fat hormone that lays down fat on the body and stomach.
However, carbs are a primary fuel source and good carbs are foods that do not increase your blood sugar levels too quickly; keep you feeling fuller for longer after a meal, are foods which aid good digestion and produces increased weight loss and loss of belly fat.
Good carbs include:
Breads - Pumpernickel or Rye
Cereals - Oat Bran, All Bran, Oats, and Muesli
Rice - Wholegrain Basmati Rice
Noodles - Wholegrain or Verde pasta or spaghetti (use sparingly)
Potatoes - Sweet potatoes or yam
Vegetables - All vegetables are good provided they are cooked properly, either steamed, stir fry or boiled al dente. However, whilst losing weight avoid, potatoes, sweetcorn, and peas. Salad items, lettuce, cucumber, celery,tomatoes, natural beetroot and onions are also acceptable.
Fruits - Some fruits are better than others, and I recommend Apples which are full of pectin and will leave you feeling fuller longer. It is also a handy snack plus they are low in calories, Grapefruit, Oranges, Pears, Berries (all berries), plums, peaches and nectarines.
However, use the following fruits in moderation. Even though they contain natural sugars they can still spike your blood sugars;
Bananas, Mangoes, Melons, and Pineapple.

A Little Dairy Goes A Long Way
We all need dairy in some form or another in order to maintain calcium levels and build strong bones. Dairy products that helps towards the whole fat burning process are:
Eggs - Also a form of protein eggs are excellent for loosing belly fat. You can eat the whole egg if you wish, but if you look at the way body builders consume eggs you will only eat theuse the egg whites. Eggs are one of the hot fat burner foods in the arsenal of foods that aid fast weight loss.
Milk - Contributes to fast weight loss and stoking the metabolic oven by keeping calcium levels topped up. Calcium is known to speed up a person's metabolism.
Yogurt - Have all the same fat burning qualities as milk.

Spice Up Your Life!
It has been proven that spices like cayenne pepper; salsa, hot peppers and mustard stimulate the body’s metabolic rate as well as contributing to burning belly fat through the metabolic process.
Sprinkle cayenne pepper on your scrambled eggs; add salsa to salads or pasta. These are all natural thermogenic foods, experiment with the different flavours! Note: The hotter the spice the greater the metabolic boost but be sensible and use these hot extras according to your taste buds.

Indulge In Chocolate On Your Diet
That's right, you can add chocolate to your diet. Whilst researching for the Flat Belly Diet Book, the authors found that chocolate helped the fat burning process of belly fat.
Chocolate has some great health benefits and can be added to any weight loss program.
Now, before you run out to your local supermarket you have to know that not all chocolate is made equal. The more processing that is involved generally removes more of the flavonoids. Therefore, dark chocolate probably contains the most flavonoids and provides the most antioxidant qualities, and is the best choice for losing belly fat.
Unfortunately, there is not a lot we can do about what the manufacturers put in our chocolate bars, but when it comes to choosing chocolate always go for the darker, plain chocolate as they would contain less additives.
Regularly adding small amounts of chocolate products (no more than 150 cals per item) to your diet can help you attain your weight loss goals in an indirect way.
An occasional chocolate treat is not going to destroy a week's worth of rigidly sticking to a weight loss program. In fact, knowing that you can allow yourself a treat or reward for "being good" can help you get over some of the tough parts.
If you have a sweet craving try a cup of hot low calorie drinking chocolate. You get the taste of chocolate and it can banish your craving, all for 40 calories!

MUFAs The Belly Fat Melting Breakthrough That Really Works!
Monounsaturated Fats, the breakthrough weapon in the fight against belly fat. These fats are absolutely amazing at what they can do and how they burn fat.
MUFAs actually helps to stop the belly fat making process and also prevents it from coming back.
MUFAs originated in the Mediterranean where the way of eating includes fat burning foods like olives, olive oil, almonds, pulses, fresh fruits, vegetabes, whole grains, small portions of red meat and an abundance of seafood.
Research has shown that diets that contain up to 40% fat are more effective at helping people lose weight and keep it off for life than low-fat diets containing less than 30% fat. This is because the additional fat makes the food taste better and boosts satisfaction.
What's really amazing about MUFAs is that they are the only fats that specifically target belly fat, so when you are on a reduced calorie diet that is high in MUFAs you not only lose weight but you lose more weight from around your middle.
Many have gone on the 'Flat Belly Diet' which advocates MUFAs and have lost weight and felt energised. Some have not even changed their eating habits too drastically, just added the MUFAs and loved the results. The average weight loss is 4lbs per week.
One rule you must follow if you use MUFAs is that you must eat a MUFA at every meal. You will also enjoy your meals because studies have found that including fats (healthy fats) makes your meal more appetising and flavorsome.
As MUFAs are high in calories I recommend that you limit your daily calorie intake to 1500 calories day if you have more than 42lbs to lose and 1200 calories if you have less than 42lbs in weight to lose.
An example of what MUFAs are:
Soybeans - Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips - Macadamia Nuts
Almond Butter - Pecans - Pine Nuts - Cashew Butter
Peanut Butter - Brazil Nuts - Walnuts - Hazelnuts
Olive Oil - Green Olives - Black Olives - Avocado
Flaxseed -Safflower Oil - Sesame Oil - Peanuts and many others
Chocolate - Dark Chocolate

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